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En Gry & Sif Denmark

En Gry & Sif Denmark


The Story and beginning of Én Gry & Sif

Én Gry & Sif is designing beautiful, decorative and funny home and gift articles. The products from Én Gry & Sif are hand-made in Nepal, and in 2009 the company was the first in its branch of trade to get certified by The World Fair Trade Organization. Gry Staunstrup is the designer behind Én Gry & Sif.

Originally it all started back in the year 2000 when Gry and her sister Sif were traveling through India and Nepal. In a small village near Kathmandu they discovered some local Nepalese women, who made the most amazing things out of felted wool and they got so facinated by it, that they deceided to start a company combining Scandinavian design and Nepalese felted wool in co-operation with the Nepalese Women. Since Gry's first visit to Nepal, she has had a special love for the country and its people. As Gry built the company, she never forgot those Nepalese women making felt in a small villiage outside Kathmandu. With those women in mind, she was dedicated to structure a business wich ensured that the Nepalese women's own values would imbue company decisions. That meant good working conditions, a less stressful work site with green areas, access to clean drinking water and environment-friendly toilets. Today up to 1.000 workers in Nepal work with Én gry & Sif - one of the poorest countries in the world..


Én means unique!

The "Én" in Én Gry & Sif actually means 'unique' in Danish - and for a good reason. Each item is handcrafted and therefore slightly different from all the others. Most products are felted products. We use sheep wool from New Zealand, dyed with eco friendly colours in Nepal. Regular hand soap is added together with lots of hand work and integrity by very skilled Nepalese women. After the wet felting process, we might add some embroidery for decoration, or stitching for making eyes, mouth etc. We might also needle felt some decoration on the felted product. Another popular part of the Én Gry & Sif collection, is the crochet and knitted items. Again everything is done by hand, by using these materials and knitting needles or crochet hooks. Gry explains: "I think that felted wool is a very inspiring material to work with. It has s raw but at the same time very natural look. The possibilities of combining colours and shapes are endless, and anything is possible. The only limit to the possibilities is my imagination and creativity. Today's customers want more. People yearn for items with a bit of soul in them and want to be reassured that the workers who make the product are treated well and paid a decent wage. Social responsibility and fair trade has been important for me from the very beginning, and I am happy to experience that these issues are becoming more and more important to our customers."

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