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Susanne Schjerning Design Denmark


Susanne Schjerning









Susanne Schjerning  Design Denmark

Let nature into your home!



Running horses, floating butterflies and towering peacocks printed along with orchids and sparkling plant life are some of the features which most characterise the successful designs of Susanne Schjerning.

Susanne works originally with contrastive harmonies and dynamic colour combinations. Designs and motifs are drawn by hand and transferred to serigraphical print frames whereafter the fresh colour combinations are tested and selected, and then production can start. Susanne Schjerning has a degree in textile design from Danmarks Design Skole (Danish School of Design) in Copenhagen, and since 2003, she has produced the characteristic and easily recognisable motifs which bring us close to nature's plant and animal life.

Furnishing fabrics are Susanne Schjerning's specialty. E.g. tablecloths, bedding, tea towels, towels, shower curtains, placemats, paper napkins and cushions. However, Susanne Schjerning also offers products such as cutting boards, candlesticks, jugs, glasses and vases. Since 2003 the Danish designer Susanne Schjerning has, with great success, combined her beautiful, unique pillows, oilcloths & kitchen articles made in different materials and with different expressions, which meet in a remarkable color combination and print. Everything revolves around motifs from nature!




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